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Competition in the search engines is greater than ever before and while Google's algorithm for evaluating your website is constantly changing, are you in control of how you are positioned? Let us help you develop a free analysis where you get a list of things you can do yourself to increase your placement in Google, or we will do it for you!

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Three steps to increase visibility for local searches in Stockholm

Through keyword analysis, we get relevant keywords that your customers are searching for and then decide which keywords to work with to increase visibility on Google. Do you have an existing Google Analytics account with conversion tracking? In that case, we can see exactly what generates revenue to generate the highest possible ROI. Don't you have this tracking? No danger, we'll fix it!

In this next phase, we start with the keyword analysis that is done and then implement these keywords on your website. Your website must be relevant around the topic you want to appear on and the technical aspect of your website is extremely important. How fast does your page load? Have you duplicated content? There is a long list of requirements that your website must fulfill in order for you to get the maximum effect from your search engine optimization. We have the tools you need to get a technically optimized website!

Even today, homepage links are highly valued by Google, a website with a number of (qualitative) links will appear higher in the results than a page that has few links. At the same time, it is important that you do not get links from pages that Google considers unnatural, this can cost you placements instead. We are working to create natural linking strategies that strengthen your website's authority around the topic you want to appear on, while not worrying about one day dropping like a rock in Google's search engine due to unnatural links.

About search engine optimization
Nowadays we use search engines for almost everything. Prior to important purchases of goods or services, it has become a must to "google" their options through the Google search engine giant. In addition, search engines are an invaluable source of both inspiration and information. How many times have you not done a simple search online to win a discussion or just refreshed your memory when you forgot something?
In fact, doing searches has become so natural that we don't even think about it anymore. Many people do a little "research" at work, at school or on the TV couch. In fact, many websites get up to 80% of their traffic from search engines. Therefore, it is easy to understand that companies put a lot of energy into making themselves visible. If you do not think so, you are not usually hot. Here comes a review on the concept of search engine optimization and why it should be taken as seriously as possible.
What does search engine optimization mean?
Search engine optimization often shortens SEO from English's Search Engine Optimization. It is a broad term for various techniques and methods to make a website more visible when searches are made on specific keywords in search engines. A concrete example makes the company's website or online store more search engine friendly when potential customers search for the products being sold. Often people talk about placing themselves high, ie getting a high ranking. Many people only look at the results on the very first page of search results. Often they do not even scroll, but content themselves with watching the top 1-5 hits. Those who ignore search engine optimization run the risk of being anchored far behind the results, which in practice means that only a few will find it via search engines.
The major search engines that Google uses today are very advanced algorithms. Old-fashioned techniques like filling a web page with keyword stuffing are no longer effective. The goal of a search engine is to provide as accurate and accurate search results as possible. Content is reviewed to ensure it is of high quality and relevant to the current search. Being deliberately misled by various tricks is not often punished and can lead to lower rankings. As a layman it is quite difficult to get acquainted with the more advanced SEO techniques, but those who work with it professionally have updated knowledge of how a website can be optimized for the best possible rankings.
What good search engine optimization leads to
First and foremost, your site becomes more visible in search engines. A direct consequence is more visitors to the site which in turn can be converted into paying customers and greatly increase the company's turnover. Another advantage is that the brand is strengthened for several different reasons. One of the best types of marketing is to get more people talking about the company or its products / services. When they are found through search engines, there is the possibility that people will start linking to the site or maybe even write a positive review that leads to more customers. A high ranking is also a quality stamp that inspires confidence, not least in comparison with lower-ranked competitors.
What do I earn from search engine optimization?
An investment in SEO often repays itself many times over. Advertising and other types of traditional marketing are more expensive. An example is Google Adwords where you pay for each keyword. With SEO, so-called "leads" will instead find their way to the site just by using a search engine. Hire us to get a customized solution for SEO that will generate customers for a very long time to come.

Our customers tell us

Puffer helps us with Adwords and Search Engine Optimization, can do nothing but fully recommend them. Responsive, active and competent. Since the beginning with Puffer, we have increased our traffic and generated higher sales through our website than ever before.

Gunnar MichanekPartner, Mindfulnessgruppen

So awesome! In consultation with Puffer, we rebuilt our existing website according to their recommendations to increase our visibility online. From not being seen at all, we now see increasing traffic day by day while strengthening our positions on Google, super fun! They have really helped us and we are getting more and more leads day by day. 5 stars!

Ludvig Von BahrPartner, Minds Unlimited

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