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Reaching out with their message is becoming increasingly difficult in today's loud media landscape and many are competing for a short while in the limelight. But instead of choosing costly advertising campaigns, it is possible to reach unprecedented heights through a well-written text. Through our press release service you reach your target audience in several of Sweden's largest channels.

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Go longer with a press release

The word press release is something that can be heard a little everywhere almost every day. One reason for that is of course that it is a very popular method to use to reach out with its message for marketing purposes, another that they are incredibly effective. Yet it is not uncommon for the meaning of the term to be somewhat unclear to many.

Today, the boundary between marketing and journalism is often blurred and for those who are able to balance on that line, there are many benefits to take advantage of. At a time when more and more people have embraced a skeptical view of the traditional forms of advertising, companies are looking for new ways to reach their audience. A press release is a way to reach out to customers with their news without having to inquire about, for example, newspapers in the hope that they will take an interest in what you have to offer. It is also significantly more cost-effective than buying an advertisement in the same newspaper. But one of the biggest advantages of sending a press release is that you can control exactly what is being said and in what way the information will reach the final goal.

For example, a press release is sent to an editorial where an editor or a journalist sometimes writes something about it in order to publish it as their own pure news article. The advantage of this is that it will then even less be perceived as advertising or marketing and that the message will reach even easier. In other cases, it is published as just a press release and the clear and clear message reaches your company's customers on their "home floor" and is read on their terms.


We offer occasional mailings in Sweden's leading channels such as Dagens Industri, Expressen, Realtime and Breakit or package solutions for these to get the maximum spread of your message.

When you use our package solution, you always include a year's newsroom, completely free of charge with free number of mailings.

We have experienced copywriters who have written many press releases over the years, and we are happy to help shape your message.

What is a press release?
At first glance, it may seem that a press release does not differ much from the usual articles that can be found in traditional newspapers or on news sites online. This is partly true, but still far from the truth. Because even though they are both arranged in much the same way, there are some major and important differences to keep track of.

One of the biggest differences between a press release and a news article is that in the first case the sender of the article is always a company. Of course, this company also has a self-interest that the article is spread and that the message reaches as many readers as possible. Most often it is about something new that the company has, or plans to launch, or some other news that makes the press release readable.

Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, it is also not a purely journalist who gets the assignment to write the press release. In order to convey their message in the most powerful, clear and selling way possible, the sender chooses behind the text instead of using a marketing agency.
A marketing agency function
The function of a marketing agency in these cases is more often than not to facilitate the work of journalists in more ways than one. On the one hand, the magazine gets a completely finished piece of news material to use for one of the magazine's own articles, and it also comes with quotes from people at the company that can be used in one of the magazine's own articles. A press release or press release can therefore be a great way to reach out to major news outlets and get their company's information published and read by the large mass at a fraction of the cost against what an advertising campaign would have cost.

Your company's information is sent in the form of a well-worded article combining marketing, news value and readability in a way that reaches your target audience in the form of a significantly less intrusive form of advertising. This is possible because by sending a press release it is particularly advantageous to direct the information and ensure that it is visible in the right channels. In addition, this type of marketing offers the unique in that it gives the reader something in the form of a readable and entertaining article on the subject that the potential customer is interested in.

Reaching their customer group through a press release can therefore be a great way to make sure you reach the right group of people and not least get the opportunity to explain more deeply and more in depth what it is that makes your business sharper than the competitors.

Reach the wide mass through press releases with Puffer

Helping companies reach their full potential through smart digital marketing has always been the driving force at Puffer.se. As part of this, we can now offer our press release services for your company. With many years of experience in both marketing and journalism in the back, we produce powerful texts that are published on the very busiest websites.

Through a collaboration our press releases reach large and well-known sites such as Dagens Industri, Expressen, Breakit, Realtime and others, thereby reaching a very large number of readers in just as short a time.

Unlike a marketing campaign, our press releases reach the recipient on their own terms. This, in turn, means that the reader is much more receptive to the information offered, which makes it easier for him to absorb the message and the chances of also remembering it increase significantly.

A press release regarding a special further development, a new offer or some other major change at an already existing company can provide an extra boost in marketing. Like an advertising campaign, it can serve as a reminder to current customers, but above all, there is great potential in attracting new customers. The advantage of writing press releases is that your press release is visible where your customers are. Therefore, the marketing becomes well-targeted and is seen where it is most useful.

The impact of a press release is clear not least for new or young companies. Instead of spending a large part of the budget on a campaign, with a well-targeted and well-worded text, you can hear from new customers. The format also allows you to go deeper into the topic and explain the business and its USP (unique selling point) to really convince the reader to take the step for you.

Template and examples for writing press releases

  • category
    Just like in a traditional news article, this is where you need to capture the reader's interest, quickly. Writing a short title may sound relatively easy, but here it is important to take into account that it is precisely this that is the first thing the reader will see. Therefore, it not only needs to be short, but also to make the reader stop and be interested in reading further.
  • Preamble
    Here comes the opportunity to explain in more detail what the title is about. In a press release, it is a good idea to describe in this section what it is you will explain later in the text. This is a great way to tell readers what is so exciting and interesting about this press release and explain what the news is. However, it is important to keep the reader's interest and in other words promise to reveal even more in the subsequent body text.
  • Body
    Now is the chance to go into the details of the news itself and sell it with the help of a readable text. In a press release, unlike a traditional article, it is important to keep the reader's attention fast. The reason for this is this text is something that your company wants the reader to see and not something that has been sought out by the reader's interest. For this reason, it is important to be powerful, but for that matter not to let everything sell too because this is also a common reason for lost interest on the part of your reader. A good idea is to break off early with some exciting or unexpected quote from someone high up on the company, while maintaining focus on the news the press release wants to convey..
  • quotation
    By using quotes from key people at the company that the text concerns, extra interest is created, but above all credibility. The quotes should be well formulated and weigh heavily because journalists often use interesting press releases as material when writing their own articles, at which point it is easy for the journalist to make use of the quotes already available in the press release.
  • Contact In the midst of all this, it can sometimes be easy to forget what the main purpose of a press release is - to sell. Just as no one would place an ad on a sales page without adding their contact information, of course, this sales text also needs contact information for the company that is the sender. Contact information to the responsible sender such as telephone number, email address, physical address and name of the press contact are all of great use to those responsible at the place you want your press release to appear. Likewise the company log and date, for press releases is a fresh product!

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Puffer has sent out press releases for the Mindfulness group, which has both increased our exposure and improved results in Google search results.

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We sent an invitation to our upcoming leadership training via Puffer, we will do that again! 🙂

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