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Buying backlinks can be risky but backlinks are still a big part of Google's algorithm to show your page high in the search results, if you are going to buy backlinks, then buy the right backlinks. We help companies to be seen using safe methods that do not harm your current investments, please contact us for more information.

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Achieve success by purchasing press releases with dofollow backlinks

Reaching out with their message has become an ever-greater challenge. By combining press releases with SEO, we can offer a solution where you reach relevant journalists and target groups while getting dofollow backlinks from Scandinavias largest news sites. Google loves linking from credible pages and with our press releases package you get an abundance of ❤️. We also work with outreach and have an established network of websites for your particular industry, but we initially recommend working with a press release as it is a very cost effective way to reach out and generate backlinks of the best possible quality.

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We offer backlinks from Scandinavias leading news sites, all to get maximum link power

We guarantee that this is a secure link purchase that does not harm your results, on the contrary, we have seen very good effects

Yep! This link purchase is a one-time fee only and you pay no annual fees or the like

Why buy backlinks through a press release?

With a press release, you reach out to journalists and editors who are monitoring exactly what your company is working on. Say that your business is working with solar cells, by digging out interesting information that a new technology is on the way, you can these journalists to write about the subject and also refer you through a link. Managing your press releases correctly is an extremely effective SEO method. If you do not know how to develop your PR skills yourself, we have experienced talented writers who will help you design a powerful press release.

Questions about backlinks

What is a link directory?

In the past, the focus was often on quantity rather than quality. The requirements were not as high on backlinks and Google did not penalize questionable SEO methods in the same way they do today. Many webmasters made sure they were represented in
link directories which are pages that contain lots of backlinks in different categories. Not infrequently, they function as a kind of portals to guide the visitor to something they are interested in.

The method still works to some extent to increase your link power, but using a link directory is no longer as effective. Google has developed its algorithm for ranking websites and backlinks from link directories
generally quite low link power.

What is meant by link building?

Search engines aim to provide the user with the most relevant content for a particular keyword or search phrase. That other sites link to your particular site is a good sign that it is relevant and of high quality
content. Therefore, link building is utilized extensively as part of offsite SEO that differs from onsite SEO in that there are activities that take place outside your own website. Obtaining backlinks or links pointing to your site
can be seen as the core of link building and they can come from several different sources.

How sponsored backlinks work

When a search is done in a search engine such as Google, organic search results and sponsored backlinks are displayed which can be seen as an ad where you pay for the link to appear in a good position and get many clicks. Best known is Google Ads which is one
very powerful tool for digital marketing. Competition is fierce for popular keywords and in such cases it costs more to use sponsored backlinks.

Is link exchange good for more backlinks?

Link exchange is a link strategy that has been around from the beginning. Two-way links have long been popular where you link to a website in exchange for linking back to your site. The problem is that Google began to downgrade such backlinks.
One solution that is somewhat better is to instead make three-way or four-way swaps to avoid two sites linking directly to each other. Due to the simplicity, the method has been abused and when sites have very many links from
link exchanges are degraded and disadvantaged in the ranking.

Which is the best linking strategy?

How you set up your link strategy becomes extremely crucial for both the number of backlinks and also the quality of them. This can, for example, be about registering in several link directories for free. A significantly more effective linking strategy is to buy
links. When you pay for links, you can get high-quality links, often from a relevant site in a relevant context.

Another advantage of buying links is that your link building goes faster and becomes more efficient. Free methods tend to be very time consuming. In addition, they have a greater risk of getting low-quality links like in
worst cases even generate negative link power. When you buy links, the seller has an interest in you being satisfied as a customer.

What characterizes good SEO links?

These are links that have a positive impact on link power and provide a great chance to improve your ranking on Google. Many happen to be purchased links, which violates Google's own guidelines. They have become increasingly adept at penalizing SEO backlinks
of poor quality, but purchased links are often difficult to distinguish from natural links.

Google wants site owners to work primarily on improving their content and thus getting links from other sites and blogs naturally. Instead, buying links becomes a kind of shortcut that has the potential to bring great benefits, not
at least for new sites. It may also happen that competitors have a less successful link strategy for getting SEO backlinks and then it becomes easy to pass them in the rankings for the buyer of links.

Scandinavia backlinks vs foreign links

Good links are characterized by being natural. If a small car company in Scandinavia has lots of backlinks from abroad, something seems strange. They should mainly have Scandinavian links in their link building. In addition, the links should, after all
generate traffic that is interested in the content offered. The right choice of Scandinavia backlinks can give unduly high link power to your company's website, while a poor choice of foreign links may provide minimal or negative link power. For one
On the other hand, it is quite natural to have links from all over the world for an international company or for an international celebrity.

Are sponsored backlinks on Google effective?

Smart work with sponsored backlinks on Google can produce incredible results. We can help you discover the real potential of Google Ads and greatly increase the amount of relevant website traffic. To use the service is needed
an Ads account and if you start it up through us you get SEK 750 free to use for advertising.

Do casino links have high potential?

Yes, keywords related to the casino have very high competition. Then it becomes extra interesting to use alternative methods such as press releases, sponsoring bloggers and so-called outreach. Outreach involves contacting website owners
and link them to your site. The method requires experience and a broad network of contacts, and is time-consuming to work on your own. We can help you if you need high quality casino links.

Can sponsored posts generate a lot of traffic?

Links coming from sponsored posts have the advantage that they are usually perceived as natural backlinks by Google. It becomes very valuable when their algorithm makes values. In 2012, Google Penguins showed up to try to fight the dubious
SEO methods. Since then, Penguins have received updates and become increasingly efficient. At Puffer, we monitor how your company website gets backlinks that are highly valued. Then there is the opportunity to build up the authority of the site and end up very high
up among the search results.

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At Puffer, we have developed an affordable service aimed at those who want to reach your target group in a more efficient way. The opportunity is to get more visitors and greatly increase the conversion rate to paying customers. our
the focus is on maximizing revenue and ensuring that you get as much currency as possible for each invested krona. Traditional advertising campaigns are expensive in comparison and rarely produce the same good results. We offer ready-made package solutions that
is an excellent option for you as an entrepreneur.

Buy backlinks - How the method can help you rank higher

Buying links can be a quick and effective way to speed up your link building. High-quality backlinks are crucial to ranking high on Google.

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