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We are a registered Google Ads partner, we offer Adwords & Search Engine Optimization services.

Continuous follow-ups to ensure that you are constantly receiving the highest return on your investment.

Different companies need different strategies to succeed with their search engine optimization, we tailor the strategy according to your particular business area.

Who wants to be called by an unknown salesperson that you have not previously contacted, build relationships with your customers and let them come to you with engaging content.

We ❤ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Conversion Optimizer (CRO)

To succeed with your digital marketing, you should have conversion tracking on all your campaigns, whether it is Google Ads or through search engine optimization.

What search queries lead to a lead or a purchase?
What does it cost us to get a visitor and how often does the visitor convert to a customer?
How many people read our website on a mobile device and how does the conversion between a tablet and a desktop computer differ?
These are questions that you must be able to answer in order to be competitive in the market.


We don't think so at all, we love to delve into data and optimize campaigns to maximize your return on investment!
Read more about our search engine optimization services.

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Keyword Analysis for SEO and GOOGLE ADS
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Keyword Analysis for SEO and GOOGLE ADS
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Keyword Analysis for SEO and GOOGLE ADS
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Here's how we help other companies with Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads

Our customers tell us

  • Puffer helps us with Adwords and Search Engine Optimization, can do nothing but fully recommend them. Responsive, active and competent. Since the beginning with Puffer, we have increased our traffic and generated higher sales through our website than ever before.

    Gunnar MichanekPartner, Mindfulnessgruppen

    So awesome! In consultation with Puffer, we rebuilt our existing website according to their recommendations to increase our visibility online. From not being seen at all, we now see increasing traffic day by day while strengthening our positions on Google, super fun! They have really helped us and we are getting more and more leads day by day. 5 stars!

    Ludvig Von BahrPartner, Minds Unlimited

About us

Puffer.se is a digital marketing agency that helps your company get through the noise. By offering several different types of marketing services, we ensure that your business reaches new relevant customers. This way you let the customers find you, without having to look for them yourself.

As experts in marketing, we know that there is no more effective way to reach new customers than to let these find you and your business. The difference between being contacted by an avid salesperson and choosing which services you want to use is great, but fortunately there are several ways to let customers come to you.

We at Puffer.se have focused on the most efficient ways to do just that and offer several different alternatives to be able to best match your needs.

We are good at search engine optimization and at making your company stand out a lot when your potential customers are looking for what you offer. We know that search engine optimization is one of the absolute most effective methods to get a head start when it comes to growing its business.

Because Puffer.se is also a registered partner with Google Ads, we make sure that your website ranks high in the endless list of results that a search for example Google provides. Not only does this mean that customers find your website and can share what you have to offer, it is also a quality stamp and something that inspires confidence in your audience.

We know that the more you see, the more you sell. That is why we also offer several different search engine optimization packages to suit all types of needs.

If you also want to maximize your company's revenue in other exciting ways, we of course also help there. We are committed to helping you set up your own account at Hubspot and are available as consultants for you to benefit from the new type of marketing - Inbound Marketing.

Instead of using the traditional form of marketing today, among other things, social media has given us new exciting opportunities to make us hear. By using Inbound Marketing, we work together to maximize your visibility and at the same time minimize your marketing costs.

Do you have a new exciting product, or maybe a specific new one you want to share? Then we are happy to help you write professional press releases for your company. With our experience and expertise, we make sure that your news breaks through the noise and is noticed by the very largest sites.

We at Puffer.se are passionate about digital marketing and have plenty of tricks in the arsenal to make your company stand out in an increasingly noisy digital world.

Contact us and we will tell you more and see how we can help you and your company succeed with your digital marketing.

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